Saturday, September 24, 2005


The Anti-War Protest-Pinheads On Parade

Where have all the ninnies gone? Not to D.C.-not today. Today, September 24th, 2005 has been advertised as a massive protest against the Iraq war. On C-SPAN, where I ventured to have peek at the activities, there appeared a modest crowd of a very few hundred. I remember "mommy" Sheehan saying that "hundreds of thousands of protesters" would descend on Washington on this date. Where are they? Heck, there were as many somber-faced people with their arms folded in the crowd who were obviously there to observe the insanity without taking part in the Bush hatred.
Ralph Nader addressed a crowd of fewer than two-hundred. Jessica Lange, fangs bared, ranted about how much she hates our president. Communists from the Philippines and the United States, alike, pleaded there cases before the meager multitude. Black racists, intent on getting their just reward, spewed out more venom towards the leadership of our nation and those who don't share the color of their skin.
There were many sides of America protesting. All of their causes united in a single theme: "We hate George W. Bush"-quite a protest platform.
I'm sure we will begin to hear the whining idiots accusing the MSM of ignoring them, but how many "Hundred-Man" rallies can they cover without losing revenue? No-one cared enough to go to Washington to participate-why should anyone expect there to be an audience for the farce if televised?
Personally, I think all networks should have run the complete protest-start to finish- in order to display to reasonable Americans what crack-pots are fueling this anti-war mood.

"a modest crowd of a very few hundred"?

try 100,000+ people
"100,000 + people"?

I was watching! There was no more than a few hundred participating in the events surrounding the protest. After flipping to C-SPAN 2, I found where the REAL event was taking place in Washington. It was the "National Book Festival" on the mall. If the idiots on the left want to claim that the group attending THAT event was part of their's, so be it. Anyone who watched the coverage realizes that it would have taken a miracle miniturization camera to have gotten a tighter shot of the crowd attending the protest.
I saw no more than a few hundred people-many, I'm sure, who were there to observe the crack-pots in action.
It is interesting to me that the speakers were constanly being overshadowed by the chatter from the meager multitude they were addressing.
They should have had a bigger amplifier!
you watched on tv - i was there - believe me, the 100,000+ estimate is correct...the entire march route was filled from start to finish while people were still cramming in to begin marching - I'd guess that hte amrch route was aobut 2 miles long...that's a heck of a lot more than a few hundred people...maybe reuters just made up these numbers, but i really doubt it:
reuters-there's an outlet you can really depend on!

I did watch. If they marched, they must have been too tuckered out to attend the speeches given by the fringes of society!

There were only hundreds present-heck, one communist guy blamed the small crowd on Amtrak!
you tell yourself there were only hundreds - the police chief said definately 100,000 and maybe 150,000 people! the truth of the matter is that the majority of americans want an end to the iraq war.
100,000-150,000 a "majority of the people?

You decieve yourself!

Anyway, it seems that it was a non-story. As it should be, of course.
you're brainwashed and i feel bad for you - hopefully you will understand one day that this country is going down the tubes and you'll stop promoting our detriment.

That's funny! I'm not the one listening to the unsubstantiated accusations by the Michael Moores and Ward Churchills of the world.

I observe what is happening and come to my own conclusions. You obviously listen to the latest hater-of-anything-correct-and-moral and follow it blindly.
Who is "brainwashed"?

I've seen photos of your march, now. The numbers you hoped for and believe to have been present clearly were not!

There wasn't a camera small enough to get a tight enough photo to substantiate your claim of "100,000+ people".

Lies, deception...they drive your gurus and you accept it like sheep being led to the slaughter.

I KNOW our country is going down the tubes...because of non-thinking followers of liars, like you and the other participants in your event within the capitol city, this weekend!
the people who i listen to and believe in are not guilty of war crimes! our country is going down the tubes because of those making the desicions - guess who has the power in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches? certainly not anyone i voted for. if the country is going down the tubes then it is time for a change in those who are making the decisions.
the people who i listen to and believe in are not guilty of war crimes! our country is going down the tubes because of those making the desicions - guess who has the power in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches? certainly not anyone i voted for. if the country is going down the tubes then it is time for a change in those who are making the decisions.
"War crimes"-that's REALLY funny!

Your movements only unifying force is it's mutual hate of George W. Bush and anything that threatens your immoral lifestyles. Quite a platform for change!

I believe, that if a group of individuals whose agenda it was to make incest and pedophilia acceptable to society wanted to join your movement, as long as that group voiced hatred towards Bush, you would accept thwm with open arms.
How good and wise your movement is!

If anyone is brainwashed, it's you young ideologues who have been force-fed hatred in your corrupt colleges and universities.

"brainwashed....war crimes" You slay me with your humor!
"accept them with open arms"?? you seem to have confused my movement with the catholic church...last time i checked they were on your side, and when they got caught, were just moved to another unknowing church until finally people started speaking out.

war profiteering is wrong, george bush and his administration have committed war crimes, the bush administration fixed the facts to suite their needs and lied us into a war that had nothing to do with 9/11 or weapons of mass destruction - the protesteres this weekend support the troops and value their lives so much that we don't want them to die over lies so halliburton can become even richer.

George W. Bush should be impeached because he has committed war crimes!
"War Crimes"-again, that's funny!

If you believe that terrorism and Iraq had no connection-you are truly decieved.
If you believe that the majority of Iraqis are not glad we are there offering them a chance at freedom-you are deluded.
If you believe that Dubya has committed war-crimes-you are insane!
If you belive that there was no evidence of WMD in Iraq leading up to our successful invasion-you are obviously not in control of your own mind.
Would you allow known pedophiles on your stage if they assured you they would spend a substantial amount of time bashing Bush? I think...YES!
i don't think war crimes are funny at all - there were no WMDs which was the entire basis to enter iraq in the first place - the "liberation of the iraqi people" was an afterthought - once our primary reason could not be found - the bush administration came up with a new reason to be over there!

i know saddam was an evil dictator - i'm sure there are iraqis who are happy we are there - but this doesn't change the fact that we are in iraq based on lies and deceipt. US soldiers are dying in an unwinnable war - eventually the administration will see this pull the troops out - but how many americans have to die before this will happen?? Iraq is the modern day Vietnam - the majority of Americans disagree with the war and disagree with our "President"
Your view is full of inconsistencies and ommissions. We did not know-and in reality, still don't-that there were no WMDs. The best of the world's intelligence were sure there was, you conveniently forget that fact, but fact it is, nonetheless!The liberatin was not just an afterthought-I WELL remember discussing the fact that a free Iraq would help shine a light to other Arabs in the Mid-East who are oppressed by their Islamic Fundamental slavemasters. You people need to open up your eyes and wipe away the hatred that's blinding you to the truth!
The only way this war will not be won is for shameless champions of pathetic causes band together and give a false impression of a vast effort AGAINST winning the war. Like your meager get-together in Washington, this week. You don't support the troops-they desire victory-you hope for defeat! If you supported them, you would recognize that THEY see our need to be there and join in TRUE support of their cause!
you cannot speak for all troops - there were troops who were protesting the war this weekend! Some had been in iraq just months or weeks before - some were vietnam vets and even WW2 vets! i absolutely cannot stand right wingers who say if you don't supprt the cause then you can't support the troops either - they are not one in the same - i support every soldier out there and wish them the best - they are giving a lot for this country and i don't argue that point. i have family members that have enlisted! i support the people but not the ideas - you are okay with them dying for the bush administration where as i am not okay with them dying - this is not anti-american.

let me ask you a question - are you a part of the military?...if not why haven't you enlisted? for someone who believes so strongly why don't you show it by getting on the front lines with the rest of the troops??
I seved my time in the Military-too old to join, today-tried!

It takes a chicken-shit to use the "chicken-hawk" argument!

If you support the troops , why don't you support the cause the overwhelming majority of them believe in?

"Sheehan left Central Texas in late August on a cross-country bus trip that culminated Saturday in a protest in Washington, D.C. that attracted an estimated 100,000 people."
-KWTX, Your Central Texas News Leader

Hmm, am I going to believe every news outlet or a grumpy guy sitting at home watching CSPAN? Do you have any idea how stupid you sound denying an established, nonpartisan fact? You might as well start doubting that Sheehan actually exists.
Cindy, who?

I don't doubt that there was 100,000 at the parade-many which were probably overflow and curiosity-seekers from the National Book Festival, but I KNOW there were only a few hundred participating in the speeches on the mall during the afternoon.

You've got to admit, Kyle, this event was not very effective-just as well had been a dozen lonely-hearts type rejects as 100,000!
if 100,000+ gathered and swayed only 1 persons thoughts on the war then it was effective - the mere fact that we are having this debate (as are many others) shows that it was effective... i don't think anyone there thought bush would decide today to withdraw the troops because of the protest...but if it pulled one person's head out of the sand to see the truth then it was successful.

you believe lies and deceipt - american lives should not be sacrificed because of this. bush should be impeached and the troops should be brought home!
If you want to look up to the political nerds like Green Day, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill and Mommy Dearest, go ahead. If you want to associate yourself with baby-killers, communists and cheer for those who say that they support the "insurgency" in Iraq, be my guest.
It proves who is the one that has been decieved.
"it proves who has been deceived"? prove to me that george bush didn't lie to us! i stand by those who choose to promote peace! you promote sending our people to kill and be killed for false causes!
Prove to me he DID! You can't

I support our soldiers putting down ignorant fucks who care for nothing but their own narrow agenda-one that is sure to include murder, rape and oppression of their countrymen. I support the war over there so that there will be less chance that my Kids will be forced to were the attire of Muslims, one day.
Your view is so very distorted and without any back-up.
I have proven that Bush didn't lie about WMD-the whole freaking world thought they were there.
You are completely naive if you believe that Iraq had no connection with world-wide Islamic terrorism.

I'll wait patiently while I expose your movement's impotency!
ever heard of the Downing Street Memo?

any news articles i send to you - you will dismiss as false: "reuters-there's an outlet you can really depend on!" you refuse to even try and comprehend any ideas but your own...i can't give you facts and you will call them hearsay.

just because everyone believes something doesn't make it true. everyone once thought the world was flat...maybe you still believe this!

george bush is a war criminal - impeach him and then get him out of office! bring the troops home!
i believe this will also be my last comment - i am wasting far too much time debating someone who cannot comprehend that his views of the world may be wrong! i know it is a hard thing to grasp but hopefully some day you will see your flaws and make a change for the better. that day may not be until your child is drafted because if blatent lies!

George Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL - Impeach him!

I'm "wasting my time" debating someone who obviously can't think for him/herself, but only follows the hair-brained inaccuracies of a hateful anti-american left!

I notice that you did not deny that you cheer for those who think highly of the thugs causing most of the problems in Iraq!

Decieved decievers!
By the way, Anon, I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving your comments. I hope you'll stop by again in the future!

Thanks for your time,

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