Thursday, June 30, 2005


Thanks, Virginia!

Next week we celebrate our 229th year as a nation. Until the last few years, much like when a child, I had no thought of this nation's demise. But recently, with the great division among the populace, and the disregard by many of history, I worry!

I just want the state of Virginia to know how very grateful I am to it! As an elementary student, I was able to go on field trips to wonderful places like:

Jamestown-where the true birth of a nation took place! Because it was not only AMERICAN history, but also VIRGINIA history, I got a sufficient dose! I walked where fledgling commerce took hold and blossomed into the most powerful economy in the world! I tread on ground walked by those who sacrificed everything to make a life for themselves!

Williamsburg-Where under the grip of a tyrannical king, men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson championed revolutionary ideas that would throw off oppression and allow liberty to all citizens!

The McArthur Memorial, in Norfolk-Where, as a young Arkansan, I saw the brilliance and patriotism of a man, born in my state, who was one of the greatest leaders in our history!

NAS, Norfolk- For the amazing opportunity to see, as a 9 year-old, at an airshow headed by the Blue Angels, the brand new (at that time) F-14 Tomcat swoop in and make a couple of passes in its public debut! How that memory has stayed in my mind.

St James River- Where I saw the actual place the Merrimac and Monitor squared off and traded blows in the world's first ironclad battleship battle!

These last two remind me of our nation's great need for the best in military technology!

The Whole State Itself-For standing strong on your principals (whether right or wrong) on so many battlefields, under the full weight of the opposing view!

Arlington-Where my Uncle lived and worked. On a visit he took me and my family to the Smithsonian Air/Space museum! I walked, in awe, down the streets of Washington DC, and saw the monuments to our great leaders of the past! And, of course, the cemetery, where so many of our brave citizens lie buried, after giving their lives (voluntarily, I might add) to protect fellow Americans' interests!

There are many other places in Virginia I'm thankful for- the beaches, the natural beauty and so forth, but they pale in comparison to my patriotic appreciation which has molded much of my view of the world today!

So-Thanks, Virginia!

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