Monday, June 27, 2005


Rummy Is Game!

I watched a replay of the "war progress" hearings, a couple of days ago, on C-SPAN. Actually, I turned over there while Robert Bird was wrapping up his baloney! I watched as Bird made a complete fool of himself by continuously undermining the progress in Iraq, as he has since the beginning. I watched as he gave the "insurgency" a "leg up" while degrading the defense secretary's (and the overwhelming majority of U.S. troops agree with him) arrogance. I watched a calm (as always) Donald Rumsfeld sit and take abuse from who I consider to be a TRAITOR!

Rumsfeld is game! I LOVE to watch him field the questions of liberals! I LOVE to hear him when he gives precise, articulate and accurate answers! I LOVE to see how the left HATES his guts, because he is so VERY professional!

He is Game! This VERY smart (and sly) patriot is NEVER flustered unless you count his obvious disdain at the questions from an idiotic media! He is well prepared to meet the harassment of an enemy that is both in awe and in bitter battle with him!

In my lifetime, there have been few who impress me the way that Donald Rumsfeld has. Ronald Reagan was, indeed, a great man.....(who amazingly was picked as the greatest American by the Discovery Channel's audience). I believe that history will one day put our present Defense Secretary on that lofty pedistal, as well!

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