Tuesday, June 28, 2005


LL's Filesharing Apology!

Yesterday's ruling against filesharing got me to thinking! At one time, I had a collection of vinyl LPs over 500 strong! Over the years I have lost many of them to moving, scratches, theft, etc.. I spent a lot of money, as a young man, on my collection! Much of my lost archives are either no longer available, or impossible to find. I have longed for years to hear some of it again!

A few days ago I downloaded software that allows me to find some of those lost "treasures"! I made a commitment to myself that I would only download and keep items which I have purchased in the past. In this way, the software would enable me to get back that which I have lost, while allowing me to explore music and artists that I might never encounter. Already I have found music that I intend to find and buy!

What rights do I have? If I have paid for a studio LP in the past, shouldn't that give me the right to have and listen to that music for the rest of my life? If I continue going to concerts and financially support the real owners of "intellectual property", shouldn't I be forgiven for downloading a file which contains samples of their work?

I have replaced many of my old albums by finding versions on Compact Disc. I intend to restore a small portion of my lost collection by downloading it from others who are willing to share it with me!

Prosecute me if you MUST!

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